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Savannah's Trip to Southern Cross Ranch

As we mentioned on her main page, Savannah is all about horses. When her cousin Sara mentioned the Southern Cross Ranch to us, we looked into it and immediately knew that a trip there would be the perfect gift for Savannah.

Southern Cross, located in Madison, Georgia, is a guest ranch that consists of many different activities. While at the ranch, you can enjoy over six miles of trails and many acres of pasture. You can also make a full trip out of it and stay in their awesome guest rooms. While staying there, you can sit out and enjoy the beautiful nature on the property.

After a sleepless July night caused by so much excitement, Savannah and her mom arrived at the ranch for their overnight stay. Once getting settled in their room, she immediately noticed the great view from their balcony. Her mom explained Savannah's plan to "walk out and see horses as soon as she wakes up!"

Savannah standing on the balcony of their Southern Cross guest room

After a couple hours on the ranch, Savannah completed her first ride and absolutely loved it. This is when she met her new friend Shadow (the horse that was 'hers' while at the ranch). When asked if Savannah was loving her trip, her mom responded, "EVERY! SINGLE! MINUTE!"

The next morning, they woke up and went on another ride before checking out and heading home. Before they even made it out of the parking lot, Savannah explained that she already missed Shadow and the rest of the horses.

This was the experience of a lifetime for a horse-lover like Savannah, and we are so glad that we were able to help put a smile on her face. Losing a parent can be very tough on kids, especially when you are only 11 (now 12), but Savannah is displaying her strength and courage every day.

Check out the gallery from Savannah's trip:

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