Logan Simmons - #SpreadTheSmiles #EverydayHero

Recently, we have been discussing ways to highlight the wonderful acts of kindness, usually unnoticed, that happen daily around the community. We landed on “#SpreadtheSmiles”, which is going to be our way of recognizing the #EverydayHero who goes out of their way to do something nice for someone else. While we specialize in helping kids who lose a parent, we understand that there are so many stories worthy of being told. That’s exactly why as soon as we heard what happened at our local Flowery Branch Chick-Fil-A (let's be honest, we eat here at least 3x per week), it was obvious who our first #SpreadTheSmiles #EverydayHero would be!

When you think of Chick-Fil-A, you immediately think of tasty chicken and unmatched service. Logan Simmons is a Junior Leader at the Chick-Fil-A at Stonebridge Village in Flowery Branch, and he took "my pleasure" to a whole new level. Logan was working the drive-thru window when he a driver told him that a child was choking. A seatbelt somehow became tangled around a 6 year old's neck. Logan immediately jumped through the window, located the choking boy, opened the door, and cut the seat belt loose with his pocket knife.... Saving the boy's life.

When the news came out about this heroic act, we watched the video and immediately recognized Logan! We knew that Logan would be the perfect first recipient of our #SpreadTheSmiles #EverydayHero. It’s safe to say that saving a child’s life and continuing on with the day like nothing crazy happened is something that not many of us could do, but Logan managed to do exactly that.

We spoke to Teri, Logan's mom, on Friday 6/28 over the phone. We spoke for about 30 minutes, just getting to know each other a little better. We explained what our