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Jacob Alger Visits the Georgia Aquarium

If you read the original story about Jacob Alger, you know that his care package included four tickets to the Georgia Aquarium. On Sunday, March 24th, he took a trip down to Atlanta to explore the wonderful Aquarium that is home to over a hundred thousand animals. He even decided to invite our very own Matt Klug to join them!

Jacob was all smiles from the second he walked through the entrance. The future marine biologist was overwhelmed with trying to decide which exhibit to explore first, so his mom, Wendy, had to remind him that he had all day long to see everything he wanted.

After walking through some different areas of the aquarium, Jacob and his group took a dive through the darkest depths of the ocean, and he nearly got eaten by a shark! Of course, this was in the Virtual Reality simulation at the Aquarium... but it still counts.

Jacob made sure he observed as much as possible before the 4:00 Dolphin Encounter. As you can imagine, there are plenty of sights to see within the aquarium's ten million gallons of water. After visiting some penguins, puffins, rays, otters, and countless other animals, it was time for the dolphin show!

For the Dolphin Encounter, the first ten rows of the auditorium are known as the "splash zone". To no surprise, Jacob walked about three rows up, walked down the aisle, and found a seat. He wanted to get as soaked as possible, and he was actually disappointed after the show because his section wasn't splashed enough.

"I'm going to sit on the side next time. They're dripping wet."

When asked what part of the day was his favorite, Jacob repeated, "everything." His experience was too awesome to pick just one part, and Sunday was definitely a day that he will never forget.

Scroll down to view some pictures from Jacob's fun-filled day at the Georgia Aquarium!

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