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Logan Simmons

We have been frequenting our local Chick-fil-A since we moved here 5 years ago. Little did we know that this car lover was going to save someone's life one day! Logan was working a normal drive-thru shift when he would (literally) jump into action and save someone's life! 

Logan is our first #SpreadTheSmiles #EverydayHero, and deservedly so! It also turns out, Logan lost his father when he was 8 year old. We met with Logan, his mom Teri, sister Nicole and brother Hunter. We got to know our local hero a little better, and the word hero barely scratches the surface of who Logan really is!

Watch the video to see what we were able to do in partnership with Milton Martin Toyota, United Community Bank, and the CBS 46 Surprise Squad! Also, CLICK HERE for another video about Logan as well as our full blog write up on him! 

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