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Ava Faison 

Think back to when you were 9 years old. Imagine having to make a phone call to 911. Imagine explaining what steps you have taken to save your dad's life, and telling 911 if the paramedics don't hurry, that your dad is going to die. Ava saved her dad's life that day, but unfortunately his struggles continued. Imagine watching your father's health deteriorate. William Faison was in and out of the hospital for a large part of 2017, and he was on life support 3 times that year. Unfortunately, William Faison passed away on November 27th, 2017 from congestive heart failure.


William Faison was a giver through and through, and his giving heart lives on through Ava. William was a youth football coach even long after his boys were too old to play. He had a deep love for football and of course the Atlanta Falcons. William was buried in a Julio Jones Falcons jersey. He also worked hard to feed the homeless. Ava said one of her dreams is to give sandwiches to homeless people, but she wants to put cash inside of the wrappers so the homeless person gets a sandwich and a surprise! She also said that she wishes she had enough money to buy her dad a new heart so he could still be here. Her strength and courage at such a young age is admirable, and everyone can learn a lesson or two from young Ava!


We learned of Ava's story through our amazing friends at Experience Camps. With school starting soon, we decided to take Ava on a little back to school shopping spree at Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza in Atlanta! Watch the video for an awesome recap on an amazing day with a beautiful young lady!

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