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Jacob Alger

Jacob Alger is a freshman at Archer High School, and in November of 2018, his world changed forever. The Alger Family was enjoying an annual camping trip at Watson Mill Bridge State Park when tragedy struck. In the middle of the night on November 2nd, the family was awakened to the sound of EMTs asking if everyone in the tent. Wendy, Jacob's mom, told them that her husband was not with them - he had gone to the bathroom. That's when they realized that something wasn't right.

Bill Alger passed away unexpectedly in the bathroom of the campground just three days after his youngest son, Jacob, turned 15. This has been extremely hard on the Alger family, as Bill was a great man who did everything with his two sons, Jacob and Justin. Wendy is a nurse that works the night shift at Grady Memorial Hospital, so Justin has done a great job of stepping up and helping out during the tragic time.

It is Jacob's dream to become a marine biologist one day, so part of his November Smile included four tickets to the Georgia Aquarium! One day soon, he will be enjoying a day at the Aquarium with his family and a friend!

Wendy informed us that Jacob could use new shoes, a bookbag, and some shirts, so we hooked him up! On top of a new Nike bookbag and running shoes, Jacob also received a Georgia Bulldogs shirt and a New England Patriots Super Bowl shirt!

Jacob's hobby is video games, and he recently received a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. All of his friends have been telling him to get Super Smash Bros, so we knew we had to get it for him!

Lastly, Jacob enjoys playing Xbox, but he hadn't upgraded to an Xbox One yet... so we took care of that for him! We hooked him up with an Xbox One that includes Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Skyrim!

Between the Aquarium, a new game for the Nintendo Switch, and a brand new Xbox One, Jacob is going to be a very busy kid! We are so happy that we were able to help out the Alger Family. They are some great people who truly deserve it!

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