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Chakrabarti Family

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Our first nominee since our official launch is a young man named Kaustov Chakrabarti. Kaustov is a senior at Parkview High School in Lilburn, Georgia. He also has a sister, Ritwika, who attends UGA! Their father, Satyam Chakrabarti, passed away on September 18th, 2015, after his battle with brain cancer. They also lost their mother, Kumkum Chakrabarti, on October 14th, 2017, to breast cancer.

After he graduates from Parkview, Kaustov plans to study to become a neurosurgeon. So far, his top choice is Michigan State University! Ritwika is currently studying psychology with a focus in neuroscience.

Kaustov played football in his senior year of high school, and he is also a huge soccer fan! Living in Atlanta, he has become a big fan of Atlanta United. This nomination was received just 4 days before United had a home playoff game (the Eastern Conference Finals), so we knew we had to act quickly on this one.

After a quick search, we found some great seats that we knew they would love. Of course, we made sure Kaustov had one of the awesome King Peach jerseys to wear to the game! With his jersey, he also received a beanie, lanyard, and an Atlanta United cup. Even though Ritwika insisted to make this more about her brother, we still hooked her up with a couple Atlanta United shirts!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and donated; you are the reason that we were able to make this happen! Kaustov and Ritwika are also very appreciative of you all. Without the great support we have received, they wouldn't have been there in person to cheer on Atlanta United!

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