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Brown Family

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

The Klug Family (Matt, Patrick, and Alicia) all graduated from Brookwood High School in Snellville, Georgia. When it came to our attention that a Brookwood student recently lost his mother, we immediately decided to help.

Jacob Brown is a sophomore linebacker for the Brookwood football team. He also plays Lacrosse for the Broncos. The football coaches at Brookwood are the ones that told us about Jacob, and they nominated him. He also has two sisters; Leah is in 8th grade at Crews Middle, and Mya is a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston. The family moved from Detroit to Snellville just three years ago.

On November 2nd, Jacob Brown started his first ever varsity game for Brookwood Football. The coaches told us that Jacob played the game of his life. The following day, Jacob's mother passed away. On November 3rd, 2018, Tiesha Brown lost her battle with cancer. She was only 40.

Just like when both Klug parents passed away, the Brookwood community has been great for the Brown Family. Keith, their dad and Tiesha's husband, told us that many parents have reached out with meals, cards, and other kind gestures such as offering to give the kids a ride. Even though they are already receiving help from Broncos like us, we knew we still had to do something.

Jacob Brown and his family love Michigan Football. Having moved from Detroit, they are huge fans; Jacob said his all-time favorite Wolverine is Charles Woodson. Of course, we had to hook him up with some Michigan gear! We delivered his gear in a Michigan duffel bag. Inside the bag, Jacob found a hoodie, jacket, beanie, and some shirts! While Jacob was the official nominee, we still brought some gifts for his sisters and dad: a November Smiles bag, a shirt, and some wristbands!

While we enjoy giving our November Smiles families lots of gifts, we also like to provide awesome experiences to help them get their minds off of the tough times. After contacting many Michigan football players, Grant Newsome (current Wolverine) responded to Matt. Grant is not using all of his provided tickets for the Chick-Fil-A bowl right here in Atlanta, so he is giving four tickets to the Brown Family! We, and their family, will be forever thankful for Grant's generosity.

Coach Jones and Coach Katz, of Brookwood Football, shared with us that Jacob looks and plays just like former Brookwood linebacker, Leonard Warner. Considering that Leonard is now playing football at Florida State, and had other offers such as Stanford, Georgia, Alabama, and more... this is an amazing compliment!

Jacob shared with us that he wants to be a CEO. His goal is to be a billionaire one day! Considering Jacob is a straight-A student, we know he can accomplish his dreams. His current goal is to earn a full scholarship to play either football or lacrosse in college.

Mya, his older sister, wants to be a lawyer when she finishes up her college years at Northeastern.

Leah, the youngest, is only in 8th grade, but she's already interested in so many things! She cheers and plays lacrosse, and she also loves drawing, art, music, space, and more!

Keith and Tiesha did an amazing job raising their three children, and Keith continues to be a wonderful father while they try to get through the loss of their mother. We couldn't be happier that we were able to help out this awesome family!

(more pictures will be uploaded after they attend the Chick-Fil-A bowl!)

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