Taryn Klug

Hey everyone! I am Taryn Klug and could not be more excited to be a part of November Smiles! I am Patrick's much better half, and mom to the most perfect boys in the world, Easton and Jameson. Patrick and I have been together since August of 2005, so needless to say every loss that the Klug Family has experienced affected me also. Seeing how much our family came together through each loss was heartwarming, and especially through the loss of Julie and Jeff. From the moment Patrick and I started dating, they treated me just like I was family. I could not have asked for better in laws, and losing them was very tough. Death has a tendency to either bring families together or tear families apart, and to see how much closer Patrick, Matt and Alicia have gotten through everything is amazing. After all, they don't have any immediate family members left.

As an early childhood educator of 11 years, I have a true love for developing young minds. Throughout those years, I have seen firsthand how much of an impact the death of a parent can have on a young child. This is just one small reason I am so thankful to be involved with November Smiles. Seeing anyone suffer breaks my heart, but seeing a young child suffer emotionally is that much tougher. What November Smiles does for these kids is so special and it means the world to me that I was asked to help! 

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